How Bakeries Can Benefit From The Gluten-Free Market

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The gluten-free movement is still going strong and includes more than those who have a diagnosed gluten intolerance. Others have embraced this wheat-free diet, and the food industry has responded by offering more pre-packaged and fresh food items. If you own a bakery, it’s not too late for you to profit from producing gluten-free items.  Research You need to research the market in your area. You can do so by checking out online groups or other organizations that support the gluten-free market. Reach out to people in the movement and ask about their needs. What bakery goods are they unable to get in the area? You should be able to get a clearer sense of the demand for certain products. The market for these items will be far larger than the number of people with celiac disease or wheat allergies in your area. Many people without specific medical conditions perceive eating gluten-free as a healthier choice for them. As a result, they look for wheat-free cakes, cookies, and other treats in addition to basic breads. Nationally, those in the market for gluten-free goods is approximately 40 million people. Preparation Creating truly gluten-free foods requires that you prepare them in a totally gluten-free environment. That means you have to have a kitchen devoted only to baking gluten free. Even tiny bits of wheat can cause those with celiac disease or other conditions to react adversely. You will also be opening yourself up to liability issues if you do not prepare the food items properly. Catering your baking to the gluten-free community requires a solid commitment. You have to look at the ingredients on every item included in your baking to make certain it does not contain any gluten. Even certain brands of cheese can contain cellulose-based powder, so you cannot take anything for granted. If you do not follow these strict guidelines, you will lose credibility with the gluten-free community. Being a successful baker requires that you keep on top of trends in the food industry. Currently, the gluten-free movement is still thriving and is more than a niche market. The baking industry can benefit from this movement, but individual bakers have to commit to the process. Advocates of this diet insist on authenticity and purity, so no one can make this a sideline in their current set-up. Before committing to this type of baking, do your research and study the guidelines.  To join a bakery association, contact a business such as The RPIA...

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Apartment Complex Owners: 4 Essential Fire Protection Steps to Take

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As you probably already know, apartment complexes can be at a greater risk of fire due to the fact that there are more people residing in the same building. You never know who might have a kitchen accident, fall asleep with a cigarette or disconnect their smoke alarm, and everyone in the entire building — as well as their property and yours — could be at risk. This is why it is critical to take a few essential fire protection steps to keep everyone — and all of the property in the building — as safe as possible. 1. Install Smoke Detectors, and Inspect Them Regularly Along with ensuring that you have ample smoke detectors in each unit, you should also talk to your attorney about including a clause in your lease that allows you to inspect the smoke detectors regularly, such as twice a year. This gives you the opportunity to check the batteries and ensure that the smoke detectors have not been disconnected by your tenants, which can help keep everyone safe. 2. Invest in a Sprinkler System If you do not already have a sprinkler system protecting the common areas in your apartment complex, you are taking a risk. A sprinkler system can help stop fires before they get too serious and can protect all of your tenants and your property. If you do not like the idea of a wet sprinkler system, there are also fire suppression systems that put out a dry substance that can also be used to help stop fires before they get out of control. 3. Use the Right Building Materials When building or making repairs to an apartment building, it’s smart to use building materials that are designed with fire safety in mind. For example, fire-stop barriers in between the walls that separate each unit can help prevent fires from spreading from one unit to another. Fire-stop doors on each unit can also help with this. 4. Meet with a Professional Every apartment complex is different and has different needs in regards to fire safety. Your best bet is to meet with a fire protection engineer, who can inspect each building and give you ideas about how to minimize the risk of fire and how to minimize the risk of damage in the event of a fire. As an apartment complex owner, it is critical for you to take fire protection steps to help keep everyone safe. Luckily, following these four steps should...

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Important Reasons for Small Business Owners to Use Employment Screening Companies

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As a small business owner, do you feel there’s room for improvement in your background checking program? Do you find it difficult to apply current employment laws to your situation? If so, here are some reasons that an employment screening company could solve your pre-hire issues. Criminal background checks As an employer, you have the duty to make sure that your employees pose no foreseeable risks to others. Adding personnel without performing due diligence can open your firm up to negligent hiring lawsuits. Should the courts determine that your new employee was unqualified, unfit, or dangerous, and it was foreseeable that they could cause injury to others, you could be subject to expensive fines or settlements. An employment screening company is able to look closely at a prospective new hire’s background. Their study of a person’s prior history can help you to foresee their potential future behavior, especially if the applicant has a record in the court system.  Examination of court records Employment screening companies understand that not every person is totally truthful, so they look beyond the applicant’s claims about their past. They know how to obtain available records to identify any potentially risky job candidates. They find material information about your potential employees that can help you decide whether the applicant will cause you headaches down the road. By relying on their professional expertise, you don’t have to worry about litigation that could result in enormous attorney fees or costly jury verdicts.  Compliance with employment screening laws Some small businesses may think that a background check that consists of a brief web search and then a visit to the applicant’s social media page is sufficient. However, improper use of this information could open that company up to discrimination lawsuits, depending on the information they find. For example, if the employer visits the potential employee’s personal page and sees a photo of them in a wheelchair, the prospective new hire could use this as a basis for a discrimination lawsuit claiming their previous disability influenced the hiring process. An employment screening company knows how to get the relevant information, without violating any employment laws. Since their sole job is to follow these hiring laws, they’ll know more about what is and isn’t allowed than the average person would. Although hiring an outside employment screening company may at first seem unnecessary, closer examination will reveal that it’s actually a good idea for small business owners. Instead of worrying whether or not you’re following proper hiring procedure, you can focus on making sure that you pick out the candidate who will be the best fit for the...

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Three Guidelines To Bolster Your Career As A Healthcare Executive

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The healthcare field is one that is lucrative, and it allows you to go down a career path that is rewarding and engaging. However, the field is very competitive and will require you to always be on top of your game in order to find the best positions and always put yourself in a position to make yourself a valuable candidate to health care executive recruiters. If you want to put yourself in the position to get the absolute most out of your career path, read on.  Stay Informed On The Many Changes In The Industry Healthcare is being revolutionized, both in terms of practice and a plethora of changes in the population that needs it. Because of this, you need to be on the cusp of this change by subscribing to related industry publications and informing yourself on such developments every single day. Some examples of these changes include greater cooperation and brainstorming between medical professionals and insurance companies, rapid technological advancements, a more proactive and informed patient and client base and a baby boomer generation that is growing older, which means that the number of elderly patients will drastically increase.  Acquire Higher Level Degrees And Other Continuing Education Opportunities Since the field is ever changing and expanding, you owe it to yourself to increase both your knowledge and educational designations. The field is incredibly competitive, so you should be thinking Master’s degree at a minimum, while striving for a doctorate degree in a related practice when possible. Further, you will need to be sure that you are always taking advantage of continuing education, to remain up to date with industry-specific certifications, while keeping up with the rapid evolution of the healthcare executive career field and path. This will always make you a valuable candidate and can help you increase your salary range.  Target The Companies That You Want To Work For As opposed to improving yourself in a vacuum, you should be building your repertoire in a way that will make you an asset to a specific company that you would love to work for. For instance, if it is your dream to be a healthcare executive that manages nutrition or benefits for pro athletes, you can begin gaining sports-related hands-on experience that will bolster your resume. Having a handful of companies to target will show health care executive recruiters that you truly are the right person for such a job, as opposed to a person looking for just any opening.  Use these tips, so that your career as a healthcare executive is successful and...

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Why Your Company’s Net Promoter Score Is Important

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A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a numerical value that is used by companies to determine how likely a previous customer is to recommend the company’s products or service to a friend or family member. Because word of mouth is the best form of advertising, it’s important that your company’s NPS is high. Typically, a company’s NPS is determined using simple surveys that allow customers to rank their customer experience on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher the customer rates his or her experience, the more likely the customer is to refer a friend or family member to your company. While gaining new customers is an obvious benefit of having a high NPS, there are several other reasons that your company needs to focus on maintaining a high score. Customer Loyalty When customers complete surveys indicating whether or not they would recommend friends and family to your company, they are also giving you an idea of whether or not they will become a loyal customer. After all, the customer is rating your company based on his or her experience, and if that experience was good, the customer is more likely to return. Making Improvements There is always room for improvement, even if your company is an industry leader. Your company’s NPS gives you a good idea of how much your company needs to improve the overall customer experience. If your company’s NPS is low, you should consider hiring a NPS consulting firm to help you revamp your customer service operations. If your company has a high NPS, you can use the information collected in the customer surveys to determine what your customers like about your company and revamp areas of your company that are lacking. Social Networking When a person rates your company a 9 or a 10, he or she is considered a company promoter. These are the people that will advocate for your company and refer others to you. Social networking has made it extremely easy for customers to share their thoughts about specific businesses, so you need your company to have a positive image across all of the popular social networking platforms. Your promoters help you create a positive company reputation online. So it’s important for your company to have a high NPS, because the higher your score is, the more promoters you have boosting your online business. Creating a positive experience for your customers is imperative if you want to run a successful business. So take the time to determine what your company’s NPS is and, if necessary, hire an NPS consulting company to help you identify and make changes as...

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How To Turn A Midlife Crisis Into A Magic Moment

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A midlife crisis may not start out identifiable or in full force mode. A midlife crisis can creep up on you, starting with dissatisfaction with your job and slowly creep into every area of your life. One of the best things that you can do in a midlife crisis is to lean into it. Using your sense of dissatisfaction and longing can help you have a breakthrough. Here are some tips on using a crisis to create a miracle. Convert your abilities into your passion One issue that dissatisfied career persons can relate to is feeling as if they are not using their passions and abilities to the fullest extent. One of the reasons why you may not be using your talents and your passions is that you may not truly know how to harness the best of yourself and put it into your career. If you need some help and guidance, a strong interest inventory test is a start that will grant you a lot of information. The definition of a strong interest inventory test is an exam that will provide you with a detailed assessment of your personality type and what career paths you will excel in. To learn more about these tests, contact a company like Career Assessment Site.  Find commonalities between your current life and your desired life Once you find out the career path that will make you happy, find some parallels between the life that you currently lead and the one that you want. Whether it is enjoyment of your family, or fulfilling your hobbies, make a list of the things that you currently love. Next make a list of the things that you want to change. Finding a balance and understanding that your life is not as far off from your dream life can provide you with some relief, plus some getup and go. Start a step-by-step goal list The difference between goals and dreams is that goals are clearly defined and come with a deadline. For each change that you want to make in your life, start out with the overall goal. For each goal, create the overall deadline that you would like to set. Next, come up with five steps that you will need to take that directly correlate to winning your goal. For instance, if your goal is to work abroad in finance your steps may be to: Study the financial market in your country of choice Save up a $10,000 emergency and moving fund Successfully interview for a financial position or promotion Secure a promotion or a choice assignment abroad Secure visas, housing, and select schools for your children and spouse Once you have come up with the goal list, your top choice career will seem well within reach. Instead of feeling a longing, you will feel sense of purpose with your steps properly ordered....

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